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Diablo Blvd - Zero Hour (Digipack CD) + Logo Shirt

Black Unisex Shirt Digipack 3-Panel

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Titel: Diablo Blvd - Zero Hour (LP+CD) + Cover Shirt
Type: Digipack 3-Panel + Black Unisex Shirt
Release Date: 2017
©Diablo Blvd

»Zero Hour« is a dark eleven-track-groove monster with haunting melodies, huge guitar riffs, driving bass and pounding drums. Taking their inspiration from both classic metal acts like Type O Negative, Metallica and Black Sabbath and eighties new wave bands like Killing Joke, Sisters Of Mercy and Gang Of Four, Diablo Blvd craft a unique sound ideally suited for these dark times. The perfect soundtrack to the end times!

Together with renowned Belgian producer and artist Dag Taeldeman they managed to create a new sound on this album, which is mixed by Jay Ruston and mastered by Paul Logus (Steel Panther, Anthrax, Stone Sour). The mesmerizing album cover is designed by Hamburg-based artist and designer Hedi Xandt.

Humanity's time is over, »Zero Hour« is here!


: Metal
: Diablo Blvd
: 1. Animal
2. Sing From The Gallows
3. Life Amounts To Nothing
4. God in the machine
5. You Are All You Love
6. The Song is Over
7. 00:00
8. Like Rats
9. Demonize
10. The Future Will Do What It's Told
11. Summer Has Gone

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