Entropology (CD)
Entropology (CD)

CD 2011

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Titel:    Entropology
Type:   CD
Release Date:  2011


New Weird Europe
School is Cool
1. The World Is Gonna End Tonight
2. Car, Backseat, Parking Lot
3. In Want Of Something
4. O! Delusions
5. The Road To Rome
6. Interlude
7. Dawn, And A Newly Hatched Damselfly
8. On The Beach Of Hanalei
9. Algorithms
10. Trouble In The Engine Room
11. New Kids In Town
12. Interlude
13. The Underside
14. Car, Backseat, Parking Lot (Reprise)
15. Warpaint
16. (Entropology)
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