Milow - Silver Linings (Deluxe) (2CD)
Milow - Silver Linings (Deluxe) (2CD)

Full 2CD 2014

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Titel: Silver Linings 
Type: Full 2CD
Release Date: 2014


Milow - Silver Linings (Deluxe) (2CD)
1. The Loniest Girl In The World
2. So Long So Long
3. Minus One
4. Cowboys Pirates Musketeers
5. 22 Children
6. Eye Of The Storm
7. Arms Of A Better Man
8. I Was A Famous Singer

1. Learning How To Disaooear
2. Echoes In The Dark
3. We Must Be Crazy
4. Mistaken
5. Blue Skies
6. Against The Tide
7. Wind Me Up
8. You're Still Alive In My Head
9. The Golden Hour
10. My Mother's House
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