The Lonely Mountain (CD)
The Lonely Mountain (CD)

CD 2014

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Titel: The Lonely Mountain
Type: CD
Release Date: 2014

After stunning split albums with Aidan Baker, Year of no Light, Labirinto e.a., Canada's
thisquietarmy now teams up with Belgium's Syndrome. Musically, this collaboration seems selfevident.
Both bands share a common view on crafting exhilarating soundscapes, and
seamlessly blend ambient, drone and post rock elements to thrust their songs to cathartic
climaxes. Yet, this release is less self-evident than the premise of this match up suggests.
Taking cue from each other's work, both bands were driven to explore a different approach to
their craft and aesthetic. This collaboration is dark and brooding, and explores the boundaries
of atonal chaos and noise. Thisquietarmy and Syndrome manage to capture the essence of
aural discord, and succeed to restrain, mold and craft it into this fine collection powerful songs.
Thisquietarmy and Syndrome transcend the concept of "a split album", and present a dynamic
and potently coherent album. The album comes with a bonus track of a live collaboration
between thisquietarmy and Syndrome, recorded during the joint leg of their 2013 tour at


Thisquietarmy / Syndrome
1.The Cold Valley 10:18
2. A River That Never Ends 14:20
3. A Black Breath Blows In The Sky 15:14
4. Live at M4 (bonus track) 15:38