K's Choice - Time is a parasite - Vinyl Box Set (3LP)

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2000 Seconds – Live at the Ancienne Belgique (1998)
Side A
Cocoon crash
Old woman
Only dreaming
Quiet little place

Side B
Iron flower
Not an addict

Home - Live at Le Botanique (2000)
Side A

Almost happy
My head
Live for real

Side B
Butterflies instead
I smoke a lot

Running Backwards
Side A
The day
Basically the same
I fall asleep
Until I’m fine
For all this

Side B
Sail you
Little man
Liquid waltz
Time is a parasite

Titel: K's Choice - Time is a parasite - Vinyl Box Set (3LP)
Type: Numbered - Black Vinyl
Release Date: 09-12-2022
©K's Choice

Genre: Rock
Artiest: K's Choice
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